Arrow Risk’s technology platform “Quiver” combines modern system applications and architectures to facilitate the fast and flexible production of quality data across all parts of the product cycle – underwriting, claims and policy management.

Quiver is Cloud-based and provides a very secure and responsive data environment that delivers a fully optimised insurance management process.

Data Flow

Designed-in data flow

Quiver applies intelligent workflows and continuous data quality checks to enable swift and efficient transactional processing. Supported by simple product creation and rules-based data-capture, at a granular level, it provides a consistent and accurate data source.

Along with the ability to collect and integrate data from third-party sources, Quiver creates an information-rich environment that facilitates effective risk management and the accurate application of Arrow Risk’s own core underwriting standards and controls.



Fully connected, fully secure

Instant access to comprehensive data and structured management information supports Arrow Risk’s commitment to data-driven underwriting.

Quiver enables insurer and broker partners secure access to real-time dashboards, along with critical information and reports, when required.

Built on advanced, high-performance architecture and hosted on Microsoft Azure, Quiver operates high security protocols that provide optimum protection across our data ecosystem.