Introducing Arrow Risk

We are a boutique MGA platform that is led by a highly experienced management team. We offer brokers and carriers first-rate service, underwriting excellence, and trading efficiency secured upon the highest governance standards.

To stand out in a crowded MGA marketplace, we have developed a compelling business model that is based upon three distinct differentiators:

  • Our management team is highly experienced with a proven MGA pedigree.
  • Our underwriting practice leaders are sector specialists committed to managing capacity for the long term.
  • Our platform is built on modern scalable architecture spanning the full insurance process.

What we offer is the market knowledge that comes from decades of working in senior leadership roles enabled by a powerful, flexible, and scalable insurance management platform to create a cost-efficient and highly effective trading environment for brokers and carriers alike.

Lloyd Howson

Built on collaboration

Located in the City London’s Lime Street, our underwriters work alongside the broking and insurance leaders that form the core of the City’s specialty market. Each underwriting practice is managed by underwriters representing decades of experience in their respective fields, who are accomplished at building high performing, diversified, quality business portfolios.

That close collaboration is also key to our ability to demonstrate clear alignment with the strategic objectives of our capacity providers. Representing some of the market’s most financially secure insurers, that alignment ensures the clarity of purpose essential to achieving sustainable and profitable underwriting.


Rewarding success

Rewarding success

The commitment of our underwriting teams is secured upon a strategy that rewards underwriting excellence and alignment with long-term performance objectives. We have developed a proposition through which every member of our team shares in the economic benefits that the performance of their portfolio generates.

Dedicated to best-in-class underwriting, operating a highly efficient, high-performance platform, maintaining a rigid governance framework and ensuring strict adherence to the highest standards, at Arrow Risk we have created an operating environment that enhances every benefit the MGA platform provides.